Monday, February 19, 2007

NACHNI SATWA (nachni or ragi pudding)

This is a typical goan sweet dish. It’s a sweet that is frequently prepared in Goa .
It has a jelly like consistency and is highly nutritious because of the nachni or ragi used .
I use whole nachni for this recipe .


2 cups nachni or ragi
21/2 to 3 cups jaggery depending on your taste
2 cups grated coconut
2 tsp cardamom powder
½ cup cashew nut pieces or cashew nuts cut to half
ghee for coating the thali or plate.
salt to taste.

Soak nachni in four cups water overnight
Next day drain the water and grind the nachni in a mixer and strain thro a strainer to remove juice. let it stand for about ½ hour . you get a layer of water on top which should be discarded.
Grind once more till you get all the juice out of it and throw away the remains.
Grind the grated coconut and squeeze out the thick coconut milk out , keep aside.
Take a heavy bottom pan add the thick nachni juice to the pan and stir
Remember to keep on stirring as the nachni mixture forms a ball very fast.
When you see that the nachni is coming together add the jaggery and stir. It will loosen up a bit due to the jaggery .
Keep on stirring , the mixture will slowly start changing colour it goes from light to darkish. The whole process takes about 10 –12 mins.
Now add the coconut milk , salt and the cardamom powder.
Keep a thali ready by smearing it with ghee.
Once the mixture forms a ball and the spoon that you are stirring with stands in the mixture without support you know its ready.
Pour the contents into the plate or thali and spread.
Garnish with cashew nut pieces .
When the pudding cools cut into diamond or square shape pieces and serve
This tastes either cold or hot.

you all must be wondering why i have so many pictures on this post , but frankly telling you i just loved the pictures i had taken and wanted to share all with you , i even experimented with a new steel plate which one did you like the best?



you want to share only the pictures ? Before we visit Goa, I am going to ask you to provide complete list of typical goan dishes (Veg only) and to taste each and every one. Hope you won't mind.

Anu said...

I recently came accross your Blog!
Its beautiful with all the lovely pics from GOA!My hubby is from Goa and he too had a nice time seeing the pics!!
I love this Nachni Satwa..Infact my mouth is salivating!!We in South Kanara call it Duddali!!
Will surely try a hand on this one!

Jeena said...

Hi Mahek this recipe looks delicious :) what is nachni?

yumyum said...

nice my sons fav dish.........but i make it in microwave ;) i am lazy is done in 10 mins

Ann said...

This recipe is so new and sounds easy for me :) Thanks for sharing.