Friday, June 30, 2006



I am so excited as I am writing this post because this is the first time I am writing a post immediately after clicking the photos and making the recipe.
Today I had two of my friends with their kids over for dinner, I had planned the dinner but dessert was not planned it was about 6.30 in the evening and I was planning to get some ice-cream and serve it with chocolate chips and some sauces.
But then I thought why not make something different something that would be done in a jiffy as their was only about ½ hour for them to come and I wanted to clean off and finish off my kitchen work so that I could relax and chat with them.
So I decided I would make a cake and that too by putting in all the ingredients together and not by making it step wise as I usually do and I wanted it to be a bit healthy as I don’t consider a cake to be quite a healthy eat, with lots of butter, sugar and refined flour its something that is tasty and good once in a while but not something that I would readily give my child everyday.
So I replaced some of the ingredients according to my discretion and the end product was just great!!!! So the excitement, as I wanted to share the recipe with all my friends.


¾ cup whole-wheat flour
¼ cup refined flour
¾ cup oil
¾ cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp cooking soda
1 tsp vanilla essence
¼ cup milk
To give the cake a different flavor I added mango crush to a part to the above mixture and mixed it with the whole batter.
You can any crush to the basic cake batter to give the cake its flavor


I made this cake in a very simple way
I took the granulated sugar and oil in a pan
Mix it with a cake blender
Add the eggs again mix it
Then add the wheat and refined flour that has been sieved once with the baking powder and soda added to it.
Add the milk and the essences
You can add the crush, which is optional.
Put the ready cake batter in a greased pan
Bake at 200 c for about ½ hour
You can test for the readiness of the cake with a toothpick inserted through the cake.


Linda said...

Hi Mahek,

Your mango cake looks delicious, sounds almost like a quick bread. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Puspha said...

Looks perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

nice pics and nice recipe. will surely try it for my son

Pritya said...

Hi Mehek,

lovely name - mehak! You have a very well organized blog. The pictures, colour scheme, font and the comprehensive links, all put together , make your blog very warm and welcoming. The patolyo(similar to the south Indian kozhukottai, also prepared during Ganesha Chaturthi) and the Goan bhakari(similar to adai) are interesting recipes! I also enjoyed your pictoral illustration, that translates itself into a virtual tour of Goa! I've been to Goa thrice and enjoyed myself thoroughly on all three occasions. The rustic set up, abundant foliage and endless beaches together make it a tourists' paradise!

Meenakshi at Pritya

Mahek said...

thanks linda,pushpa and anonymous
and my special thanks to pritya
so sweet of you . i am on cloud nine!!!
which part of india are you from.

Jean T said...

Your cake looks rather nice Mahek and easy to make I am going to try it and will let you know how it turns out for me.

Manjula said...

A cake with whole wheat flour! I will surely try this one

cooker said...

Hey Mahek
I tried this recipe with a few modifications. It came out great. Would you like to know about it. I also have pics. I baked it in a fluted silicon Bend & Bake pan. Very pretty.

Mahek said...

cooker(great name)
thanks for trying out my recipe , i would love to know the modifications and the way it turned out . can you tell me your blog name so that i can view it.

Srinivas said...

Hey Mahek, Great recipe, I actually wanted to know if you can make the smae cake using a pressure cooker instead of the oven.

jay said...

wow. just yesterday I thought of it and today you have turned it into a reality. Will let u know as soon as i taste some.

latha said...

Hi Mahek,
I have tried your recipe and it came out very well. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

teena said...

Hi Mahek,I was looking for this kind of recipe i aks my frinds &there reply iswhat????????????? cake with wheat flour then i start my exercise on google finaly i found u r recipy i m going to mkae this today it self & i will tell u & all my friends also thanks. teena .

zainab said...

hi mahek,
Your recipe is awesome. I added nuts instead of the mango crush, since thats what my kids like. Thanks a ton!! This is exactly what i wanted :)

moneesha said...

Mahek - thanks for this recipe. I have had a lot of fun with variations on it. It invariably comes out light and tasty.

deepa said...

hi mahek,

nice recipe

one small question. my husband doesnt eat eggs. what can be the substitute for eggs in this recipe

warm regards

Mahek said...

Sorry for the late reply ,
Thanks for your kind words...
I have never made this cake eggless,
but you could try it with milkmaid or apple sauce I think ..
But sorry I wont be able to give you the proportions...
hope you get them....

trueself said...

I tried this cake but instead of mango pulp I added some orange juice and orange grate. It came out great. So glad that there is no butter in this and very less white flour. Thank you for this recipe.

Deepti said...

sounds good....will defntly try it...

Betty said...

Hi, Mahek.
Your recipe is great! I wanted something sweet and ran out of regular flour. But somehow I had wheat flour in my cupboard. SO I jumped online to find a cake I could make with wheat flour. I found your recipe and it looked simple enough, so I decided to try it. Only, I didn't use mango crush. Instead, I melted some hershey kisses and added it to the batter (I was in the mood for something chocolatey!). It came out delicious! It was moist and fluffy. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Gopikrishna Kalyanam said...

Dear Mahek,

I tried my first baking (cooking too!!) experience with your recipe of Whole wheat flour cake. I used too much oil, too much butter on the mould and burnt the bottom and sides. THE CAKE CAME OUT DELICIOUS. YES REALLY. IT TASTES SO GOOD. I have to thank you, my Guru. I will keep trying your recipe till I dont burn the sides. I will tell you once I get it right. THANK YOU.

Karuna Wankhede said...

Hi Mahek,

I was searching for wheat flour cake on internet and I got your receipe ...I tried it on's really amazing..the cake tasted husband also liked it...thanks for sharing your receipe.....if you have paneer masala and chicken biryani receipes please post it....

Sushma said...

Hi Mahek,
Have made cake using this recipe many times. Has been a hit every time. This time I was making too many cakes at a mistake i added 1.5 cup milk in place of 3/4 cup. What will happen to my cake? L'l scared of the result can u please reply if u have faced this situation earlier?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahek,

Made the cake at least twice and it was a success. This time I am baking too many cakes at a time. Added 1.5 cups milk in the place of 3/4 cup milk I mean for 6 eggs. Hope it will not be a disaster. Please reply if you have come across this kind of situation.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mahek,

I tried this recipe an hr ago did not specify how much crush needs to be added. I did not add any crush but choco chips and nuts but the result was not up to the mark. Looks like adding crush or pulp would have made a fluffy cake, mine was dense and chewy :-(

Garima said...

Hi Mahek,

I tried you recipe with choco chunks and walnuts and everyone at home and my baker friend were amazed by it. No one gets a whole wheat cake right ever. Is it possible to make this cake with cream instead of oil, just curious. I am baking another one today, my kid would rather have this cake than his regular roti :-)

Mahek said...

I would have loved to know your name..
I feel that you must have beaten the mixer a little too much or probably the wheat flour was too glutenous as I never had this problem it also happens when you dont add baking soda which is a must here.. adding crush does not make any difference to the consistency as its very little but you can try adding a couple of bananas to the batter which will make it very soft...
Please let me know when you try it again and thanks for trying...

I have never used cream .. as it adds to the calories but you can try and let me know...