Thursday, June 15, 2006


Today the recipe which I am posting is my favorite and I just love cooking and eating it.
I feel that each house has their own combination in which the daily menu is planned, like in my house I usually make mackerel or bangda curry with simple cabbage bhaji so that the hot and sour taste of the mackerel curry blends well with the bland taste of the cabbage vegetable. We also usually make mackerel dry with something called udad methi ( you may find the recipe in my future posts) and my today’s recipe “TEESRYACHE SUKHE” that’s almost always accompanied by a simple dal or what we call “TOI” and some nice and refreshing cucumber and tomato salad.

This is the first post I have been very very excited to write about and that’s for various reasons first as I said before its my favorite dish, second after making it and off course eating it as, I have to taste my dishes before serving them..(I usually don’t follow exact proportions, when I make recipes, as after cooking for so long I rely on my intuition when I add the required ingredients and hence when I write my recipes I take special efforts to be sure of the amount so that it will be of help to my dear friend bloggers who would to try my recipe).
Oh… I left my line incomplete as to why I was in a rush to post this recipe so continued from… before serving them and after tasting it I found that it had come out to be a extremely delicious dish. It was yummy!!! You wont believe it that the tasting session turned into a lunch session for me… as I had my lunch there and then.
So here is my recipe
TEESRYACHE SUKHE or dry clam masala


3 cups clams or teesryo
3 medium onions finely chopped
Lots of chopped coriander
11/2 cups of grated coconut
Red chili powder to taste
Turmeric powder
1tsp dhania powder
1 tsp garam masala powder
Salt to taste
Tamarind pulp or kokum depending on taste
The whole preparation should be hot and sour


Very very simple to make..
Just mix together all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands
In a pan take a tbsp of oil in Goa we take coconut oil as it gives a nice flavor
And put the mix in pour water till the whole mix is just about immersed you can put less water too if you want it very very dry.
Cook on low heat for about 15 mins till the water evaporates
Its ready to eat. ENJOY!!!!


It’s a simple dal recipe so I will just give the method
Cook dal as per requirement till soft , while cooking dal in a pressure cooker add finely crushed ginger, and haldi
Give bagar of mustard seeds, jeera, hing or asafetida, green chilies and curry leaves
Put a little salt, 1 sp sugar and lemon juice
This is a simple dal so it tastes great with the hot and sour taste of teesryo….
Enjoy and tell me how you liked it

There is one more important reason for wanting to post this recipe. I love food photography and I am trying to take good food photos and do self-improvement while taking these photos .I think this batch of photos show a lot of improvement compared to the ones taken earlier and hence I wanted to share it with you all.

Friends pls see the photos and tell me which is the good one!!!!!


Puspha said...

Mmmmm mouth-watering

Sassy Tortuga said...

I just came across your blog and it all looks wonderful. I've wanted to travel to India for a long time (I live in Nova Scotia, Canada). Your photos make me want to go there even more than ever - please keep posting them!

Mahek said...

pushpa thanks for visiting my blog

sassy tortuga
its so nice that i have friends outside india as well who appreciate my efforts.
thanks a lot pls do visit india and take happy memories with you.
you will like indian food although you might find it a bit spicyl
how is food in canada? you should tell me more about it pls mail me

Linda said...

Hi Mahek,

I have tagged you for a 'meme' - if you haven't read about them, they are question and answer posts in the blogs. Please join in if you like :)

The clams look delicious.

archana said...

I wonder why i missed your blog all those past months. Well, i am happy that i found you now, nice photos,and good recipes. Will come back again. Thank you

Mahek said...

thanks for your lovely and encouraging comment archana
pls do visit me often.

Ruth said...

My favorite photo is the first one, but both are lovely and the dish is making me drool.

Thanks for sharing

Priya said...

Hi Mahek , Iam visiting ur blog for the first time. All the photos look wonderful and so are the recipes :).

In the Dry clams masala. I liked all the photos but the second is the best.

happy blogging

Mahek said...

i hope you visit my blog often
and also give me genuine comments
thanks for appreciating my photos

shilpa said...

Wow..that looks soooooo delicious. Wish I could take a bite from that. Out tisre sukke is a bit different. I will post it soon.... But your version with shimpi(shell) in it is just superb :)

Anonymous said...

nice pics. my favorite dish too

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahek,
Lovely website. I intend to make your tisryo recipe one of these days. I'll tell you how it turns out:))


Anonymous said...

Love your site and am a frequent visitor. Am going to try your clams sukkha tomorrow. Plz keep posting more amazing recipes in the future.

Anu said...


Do i need to grind the ingredients or is it just mixing it all together along with Clams. Pls help!


reshma said...

Mahek, I tried the clams masala yest,it was very tasty.
Thanks for the wonderful and simple recipe whoch was yummy.

Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate where and waht type of tisrya you get? I live in east coast and miss these so much

Unknown said...

i favored your recipe just because my mouth watered on seeing the they are pretty good! Even I host a food blog and trying to improve my photographic skills.Any photography tips from you will really help.

Here is a link to my blog based on my theory that Indian food can be served as party food too!