Friday, March 17, 2006

veg food...



As I have said before food plays a important part in the lives of goans, but as stanch followers of fish they are, so are they followers of religion and they love to follow traditions and beliefs.
There are certain days, which are of religious importance for Hindus, and on such days they do not touch fish some don’t even eat onions and garlic. Ganesh chaturti, mahashivratri, holi ,hartalika etc are a few. But goan vegetarian food too is quite tasty which also has a lot of coconut in it. A simple dhal is made with a paste of coconut and spices.A dry vegetable is garnished with grated coconut.
Yesterday was holi and so I made veg food at home which was simple I made cabbage zunka,flower watana (cauliflower peas ) rassa, amras(mango juice ie pure mango juice with sugar, milk and cardamoms.),chapatti, waran bhatt, and papad.
I also had puran poli which is a traditional maharashtrian sweet chapatti with a filling of chana dal cooked and mashed with jaggery and elaichi.
I am posting a pic of my veg-thali on that day which was followed by waran bhat and puranpoli not in the pic.