Tuesday, April 18, 2006

aloo paratha's.......

This is not a goan dish but still almost everyone in goa makes parathas for dinner or breakfast so i am including this here...
On days when I feel absolutely exhausted, I usually plan to do only aloo parathas for lunch and they usually come out really very tasty.

I will just write the method as the ingredients and the amounts are to be taken as per ones requirement.
Take about 4-5 boiled aloo or potatoes, mash them with a masher, add as per requirement chilli powder, haldi powder, garammasala powder, amchur powder or lemon juice (a little),a little pinch sugar, salt, ginger – garlic (optional) , finely chopped onions, coriander finely chopped.I sometimes put jeera powder too.
Make the cover as you do your chapattis.ie rotis. With wheat flour only as its healthier
You have to roll out the chapatti dough into a small ball and then stuff in the filling
Roll out again.
You should make them on a hot tava and see that they get cooked on both the sides , you apply little ghee on both the sides and serve with pickles and curd.

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Neelu said...

o wow i miss aloo parathas :) being weight concious I dont make such yummy stuff often but i love to cook....and aloo parathas r one of my favourites