Thursday, August 24, 2006



This is a long pending post , 9th August was RAKSHA BANDHAN it’s a special day for brothers and sisters . On this day sisters tie rakhi on their brothers wrist to cement their bond of love, and brothers in turn vow to protect and cherish their sisters for the rest of their life.

My brother was going to be working on the 9th and could not spend the whole day with me so I invited him for dinner on the 8th so that he could stay over before going for work on the 9th .
For dinner I made his favorite dishes , my brother loves all things spicy and rich , he loves good food , so I made prawns pulao the recipe for which you will find here., then I fried promfret which is his favorite fish and I made chicken cafreal. I did not make my own gravy for chicken cafreal but made it with a ready made packet which my uncle purchased for me from Goa. It’s delicious and takes no effort . You just have to mix the ready gravy with chicken and let the chicken cook in the gravy till done . This gravy is basically made with lots and lots of coriander leaves, little mint, ginger, garlic and garam masala.If I ever make it without the help of the ready packet I will definitely share it with you.

You all may be wondering and what about dessert? Yes!! I did have dessert but nothing homemade , as by brother prefers a generous helping of ice-cream to any other sweet. He had ice-cream with lots and lots of sauces. I poured chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and blackcurrant sauce on his ice-cream scoops and garnished it with nuts cashew,pista,almond.
We had some nice time together ,chatting away into the night, he spent the evening with my son, playing computer games . My son loves his MAMA and no one but mama is allowed to play with him for hours.
I received cash as my gift and I have promised my brother that I will buy some kitchen items with that money which will be bright and colorful and which I can use for taking pictures for my blog.
On the morning of 9th I tied rakhi and made POHA for him , he says no one makes poha as good as tayee and that’s a compliment on raksha bandhan day right??. With these words he made my day.
You must be wondering why two rakhis, the other one is for my sister who is in the US and she has instructed me to tie her rakhi on her behalf .but I don’t get her gift !!!!!

The red thread that you see on my brothers wrist are given by a priest, from a temple in goa which he wears everyday.


sari said...

hi Mahek...nice blog with tasty recipes..hope to c more of goan recipes

Ashwini said...

Such a yummy lunch Mahekbai :-)
I checked your prawn pulao, loved it. Its so easy and convenient. And patolya...I hope I can get to eat them on my next visit.
Photos look great too.

nav said...

Hello Mehak!

This is my first time around on your website. You have a homely way of writing and I loved the pictures and posts about Goa. It is such a pleasure to know about someone else's native places especially when it came straight from their heart. Please keep your posts coming.


Revathi said...

I was so touched reading this post. wished I had a bro !

Ruth said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing such a personal day - AND those delicious dishes!!