Thursday, January 25, 2007


Vatanyache golee or usal is a gravy dish with green peas.
This is my mother’s specialty she loves making this vegetable ever since I remember. She makes it at least once a week even now. Whether the peas are in season or not do not matter to her ,she buys frozen peas and does this dish regularly.
Regarding me I seem to have some block in my brain as regards to this dish , I make it rarely although its an extremely simple and delicious dish, secondly every time I make it I seem to forget how I had made it and have to call up my mother to take the recipe. That’s what I did today morning I called her up as soon as the menu for the day was fixed and got the recipe from her with her usual comment “ what’s wrong why do you always forget the recipe for this simple vegetable when you make can cook unusual and much more complicated recipes” now!!!! What am I supposed to tell her or for that matter anyone else.
So now, the next alternatives were to blog about it and have the recipe written and photographed for ever….
Do you agree with me?


3 cups green peas
1 cup grated coconut
½ tsp pepper corns
marble size piece of jaggery
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp hing or asafoetida
1 tsp haldi powder
oil for bagar


Take a pan, add oil when hot put mustard seeds and hing
Add haldi powder and the green peas.
Add water and salt and let them cook till soft.
Grind together coconut, peppercorns ,jaggery and chili powder .
Add this ground mixture to the cooked green peas
Let it cook .
Serve with rotis or chapattis.


RP said...

Mother's recipes are always keepers. Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

nice recipe.i want to make it too


SUPRIYA said...

this dish tastes awesome with a garam uno and limbu soda....:)
the best of these is available at the hotel outside Ramnath devasthan.But i neevr knew that the recipe was so easy...thanks for posting mahek

Mahek said...

thanks all my friends for going through my blog...
do you get this at Ramnath devasthan i must have it there sometimes.
i hope you dont mean the vatanyache tonak and pav which is given . As that tonak is the spicy gravy similar to chicken which is made but this is simple dish without onions or other spices which my mother usually makes for satyanarayan puja at home.


as inspired by your blogs on markets and vendors, I have taken lots of snapshot in Tulsi Baug, Pune and will be posting on my blog soon

Krithika said...

this is such a simple delicious looking recipe. thanks for sharing

jacob said...

nice. i've never been to goa in my life:( must go there soon, eh?

Linda said...

Hi Mahek, recipe looks really great, nice to see you back :)

Praba said...

nice one..Love the coconut base for the peas curry...Would love to try! thanks to you and your mother!

Supriya said...

mahek, i think the tondak outside ramnath devasthan is made from sukkhe watane but the base is same i am sure,cos it is shivrak.and the curry is not red or onion based....its simple like this only.

sheetal said...

hi mahek

first of all i just love ur name its really nice. i do agree with u mahek i m use to forget the simplest dishes i always make so its better to note them down. today my husband asked me to prepare some sabji out of green peas and he wants something spicy in it so i was searching for it on google when came across ur recipe, looks and sounds good too me. i think i can make my husband happy with it ;-)
anyways thks a lot for the recipe i will definately try it out

remya said...

wow!!! my favourite green peas ...looks yummy...goes well with roti.thanku for sharing such a simple dish..

Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


Anonymous said...

Great and easy.

urmilaa said... simple but looks soooooooooooo verrrrry's a must try.....5 stars to auntiji for this awesome recipe Mahek..U're 1 lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mom :)

Anonymous said...

In the method mentioned, there is chilli powder added to grind along with the other ingredients. But in the Ingredients mentioned, there is no Chilli powder?