Monday, March 05, 2007


FRIED FISH is a very important part of our day to day menu, not that i fry fish everyday as i feel that too much fried items are not very healthy for consumtion.

when i do buy fish which is about once a week ,sometimes twice. The first thing i do is i fry the best pieces on the first day. Frying fish is taken very seriously in our house and everyone especially my dear hubby is very particular that it should be evenly fried with the right amount of oil and the end product should not be oily i.e. when he picks up a piece there should not be too much oil oozing out on his fingers.
I learnt this art of frying fish from my mother in law , when she completes her fring you will not find a drop of oil on the tawa and everything is so clean.

Different types of fish are fried in a different fashion i.e the masala we apply on the fish varies with the type of fish.
SURMAI: marinate the fish in tamarind juice,garlic paste , chilli powder , haldi powder and salt
marinate for 1/2 hour.
roll the fish in coarsely ground rice flour and fry.
you can see the coarse rice flour on the fried fish in the above photos.

PROMFRET AND MUDDASHI are light fish which do not have a strong smell hence they can be simply fried. with chilli powder,haldi and salt.



No comments I am pure veggie. But after viewing tempting photos I feel like changing my food habbits

Supriya said...

surmai and vellyo (mandelyo)...yummy!! i feel like devouring them right of this screen....Mehak I balme you for raising my temptations..:(

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting me krishnaji and supriya

supriya the second fish is muddashi
and not vellyo, thanks for appreciating , i would have invited you over for lunch if possible.

Anonymous said...

Yummy....mouthwatering and above all tasty and yet healthy(less oil)e

sunita's world said...

Hi Mahek, you've got a lovely corner here...will love to come back...thanks for visiting my world.

Manjula said...

I just learnt to shallow fry fish. Saw my friends mom doing it. She do did it very clean!
Is surmai a small fish? Is it like sardines?

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting sunita and manjula

manjula surmai is a medium to big fish , where can make lovely slices of the fish and fry.
Its called 'viswan'in goa and king fish in english.

Anonymous said...

I am new to the blog world, your surmai looks out of this world. I wish I could just eat it right now. Being in the US I miss Indian food , keep all your fabulous recipes coming

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahek,
your dishes are wonderful and look very appetising the picture of the surmai fish is fit for a commercial advert.
I always liked your way of frying fish and also the papletche hughe curry.and Ambadyache Saansav.
I would appriciate if you would kindly post a recipe for "kokum sola kadi" the kind which is served in restaurants (Bojanlay) in Goa
Thank you