Sunday, April 08, 2007


KAKDI, that’s a Marathi word for our humble cucumber, this dosa , thalipeth or bhakari as we call it in goa is very famous and commonly done in goan houses for breakfast.

KAKDI OR CUCUMBER belongs to the same plant family as melons, pumpkins, and winter squash
Kakdi contains 95 % water and are low in calories; a cup of slices of cucumber contains fewer than 15 cal.

Without more delay let me go on to share with you the recipe of KAKDICHE BHAKRI


2 Cups grated cucumber
1 cup wheat flour
1 cup rice flour
11/2 cup grated jaggery more if you like it sweet
1 cup grated coconut
Salt to taste
1tbsp cardamom powder
Ghee for smearing
Oil for shallow frying

Its very simple
Just add all the ingredients and mix with water
The consistency should be right enough to spread it on a hot tawa or griddle.
Spread on the tava with your fingers dipped in water.
Pour a little oil along the sides and let it cook
Turn on the other side and let it turn into brown spots.
Let it become nice and crispy
Remove and spread a spoon of fresh homemade ghee on it.
And RELISH!!!!!!!


Nupur said...

What beautiful picture, Mahek! I love the savory form of this dosa, but I need to try this sweet version too...looks like dessert for breakfast. Thanks for participating...the round-up has been posted.

Anonymous said...

yummy,yummy i tried your bhakri.It came out very well and delicious.My hubby remembered his childhood days when he would savour these bhakris which were prepared by his grandma.Thanks mahek for this wonderful recipe.


Mahek said...

thanks for accepting my contribution to the event . pls do make it and let me know .

that was heart warming to know that your husband remembered his grandma thats the best compliment i could have got.pls try my dishes and let me know it makes me happy

Anonymous said...


A spicy version of the kakdichi bhakari was the breakfast staple back at home. My mom calls it 'tavsoli' - mom's maika is karwar & they call kakdi 'tavas' out there.

Really enjoyed your blog. esp. the goa temple photos - reminded me of the many pilgrimages to mangeshi/ mahalsa in childhood...thanks :)


Linda said...

Oh my goodness Mahek -- these look delicious! Would like to pick one right up from the screen :)

Anna said...

i never knew you could use cucumber in this way. and it looks so yummy too!!!

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so i could follow the link to find your recipes!!!


Tempting , Do you make Tavasale ?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This looks delicious! Very interesting...

Mahek said...


hi thanks for visiting and appreciating.

if you read my blog you will find the recipe for tavsale on it
i love it and make it for my father whenever he comes visiting

thanks for visiting my blog
and thanks for your compliment.


thanks a lot lot and lot!!!


Yes. I remembered seeing it. Today eveing on the way home, I visited one of my friend's place. To my surprise, his wife prepared thalipet for me. Then I casually mentioned about your post on Kakadiche Thalipet and there, she added Kakadi to the next helping. Thanks to you and to Mrs. Joshi.

Sumitha said...

Mahek yummy looking bhakris!I had a doubt Mahek since u r from Goa,Do you use coconut oil in making most of the curries?

Anonymous said...

very good dish for breakfast.
Definitely gonna try!!!
Could you share me the recipe of authentic jowar bhakri.

Manjula said...

I love cucumber dosa, tausaLi as we call it in Konkani. I use rava & wheat combo instead of rice & wheat, rest same as yours. Will make it your way next time.

Seema said...

Beautiful presentation. Loved the recipe as well. I couldn't even guess that these dosas had cucumber in them. Lovely and healthy. Thanx for sharing buddy.

shilpa(Aayisrecipes) said...

Mahek, this is one of my all time favorite breakfasts. We call it taushe bhakri. Yumm...


The day you wrote the post and after reading the same, I had gone to my friends home , where his wife was cooking Thalipet, I casually mentioned about your post and KAkadi Talipet and you won't believe she prepared the same for me. Thanks to you and to Mrs.Joshi for wonderful ecperience.

Mahek said...

friends thanks
seema and shilpa
shilpa i think its tausali che chote bahin...
for friends wife seems to be really great to be able to make it immediatly for you , i always appreciate such enthusiasm pls say thanks to her on my behalf..
i would love if she said something about it too, if you go to their house the next time ask her to express her view about the kakdiche thalipeth is she in pune.


She stays in Girgaum and she is so kind , on that day I had tuned up at last momemnt and the flour was almost over, yet she managed to prepared 2 thalipets for me, which was supposed to be for my friends. So many times they invite us for Pithale Bhakari, since I like it very much.

Meghan said...

this looks so delicious!

Jeena said...

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