Sunday, September 20, 2009


My earlier post shows you how i made UKADICHE MODAK this year for Ganesh chaturti.

In the pictures below , are the modaks which my mother and normally all Goan homemakers prepare for Ganesh chaturti, these are the " ट्रडिशनल फ़ूड " made in Goa .

The above modaks are very very tasty and very filling too , one would be enough to fill you up .
You will see that the modaks are not perfectly shaped as that was not something that was given too much importance as was the taste. I can assure you that the taste would be perfect every time they are made.
lots of attention is given to the presentation in our generation , which was not so with the earlier generation, People concentrated on the quality , the quantity and the sharing and caring .

Food was always in large quantities , as the family was usually very large , the produce was from the backyard and many hands to help.
I have never made these modaks (i don't know why) i usually like to visit my mothers house and eat them the way she makes them.
here is the recipe for you..... (The ingredients are offcourse not backyard produce but something you will have to visit your grocer and buy)



knead wheat flour atta just the way you would for your roti , only add a little warm oil to it before you start kneading.


250g chana dal
250g jaggery or gul
2 tsp cardamom powder or as per taste.
a little ghee for the glaze


1. soak chana Dal for 2-3 hours
2. cook chana Dal after a single rinse (it takes about 45 mins ) in enough water
3.When cooked the chana Dal should great crushed when pressed between your fingers but it
should not dissolve into the water
4. drain out the remaining water and take the cooked dal in another kadai
5. add the 250g jaggery grated fine.
6 you will find that the jaggery melts and makes the Dal more watery
7.let it cook together (takes about 30 mins or a little more) for the mixture to be dry
8. add cardamom powder
9. roll your dough into a small round like a puri or small roti
10. stuff the filling and take the edges together to make a point on top(this need a little practice)
11. Deep fry in oil
12. eat hot or cold.

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