Monday, May 03, 2010


I love sharing my daily food photos with you , i think my regular readers know this well , you will see my other food  plates or thali as we call it , if you read my other food blog too.
It would be great if my  fellow bloggers would share what goes on their plate  too it would be fabulous a peek into  one's  home  without actually being there, wonderful!!!! 
The menu of the day was
bottle gourd and chana dal vegetable
french beans dry vegetable
papad with freshly grated coconut which was then crushed together
ambat varan or tuvar dal with lemon 
chapati and rice...not in the picture
If any of my friends who read this blog want to know a recipe please write to me on the comment section and i will put it up for you...
 This is a pure vegetarian thali.


vivari said...

please give me the chana dal bhaji recipe

Shyla said...

Great images, looks yum! I love a good thali ... especially the pooris!

cynthia said...

Morning Maam,

Receipes of non-veg are quite appealing and tasty toooooooo.

Please post some non-veg. receipes; Please.

Thank you in advance,

Cynthia (Kuwait)