Tuesday, June 01, 2010


OHhh..... I love the look of this stall so simple and yet so pleasing , after living in a city with big shops, malls and dazzling food joints it was  so refreshing for me to see a simple eating place where people from the village come to have a little snack or bite with their morning cup of tea 
For simple village folk eating out is not very common, its like a treat or its only out of necessity that one ventures out to have a bite of something which is not normally prepared on a regular basic in a goan home.
Goans are true meal eaters i.e a  good scrumptious and filling meal is what a goan craves for ...
Nevertheless you will find such places in villages where there will be a couple of tables put in and you will find friends (mostly men..) sitting enjoying a cup of tea with vada, pav or bhajiya (fritters) you will also find a pulse curry (not in the picture) which can be had with pav or bread...

How i love the look of that vintage glass cupboard which holds the goodies to be eaten with a hot cup of tea 
fresh bread just out of the oven here in the tray (doesn't look hygienic , but thats village life), but one bite and you wont look at the blue basket Hahha....fresh and fragrant bread....Hummmm.....


 Attention ladies who love vintage stuff check out this fabulous cupboard and look at the wooden border isn't it great???


Zara said...

The cupboard captured my attention at once, I absolutely love such things!! :)
And breads look attractive, I even didn't noticed smth was wrong with the basket ;)

Bird said...

Thanks for your gulab jamun tips!!! :)

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