Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Goa is not known for its STREET FOOD you wont find people selling on the streets , as goan people prefer to eat hot and home-cooked meals and now although goan culture and people are changing and the younger generation is giving eating joints more preference to home made snacks (but let me tell you this its occasional ) you still find very few people selling fresh items on the streets....

When I visited Goa this May I saw a lady standing near the temple , selling finely sliced cucumbers and raw mango on leaves with a generous sprinkling of salt and chilli powder..

                                     COOL AND HEALTHY CUCUMBER SLICES

                                             SLICES OF RAW MANGO

Let me tell you this that I never like this stuff ...the raw mango but i love cucumbers in any form and size and taste , but my hubby just loves them...the raw mango  (we are so different you know....)

So, It was my hubby who was the first to hop over to her and buy and eat it...the raw mango with relish.

Then it was me who walked over and relished them ... the finely sliced cucumbers... Haha....

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kavita said...

Hi Mahek
Am just back from Goa and missing it still very much. I have seen ladies selling mix fruit cum veggie slices with yummy masala sprinkled on them outside mardol temple. yum........ yum.......
keep up the good work.