Friday, February 04, 2011


I made this on one of the days that my sister was here in India
There is much more that I cooked this was one of the simple menus for the day.. (she was with me for about a week) ..But being busy cooking and serving I did not take enough photos to share with you ..
But one of the days I did manage to take some photos and so here they are....

I love the colours on the dish they are so sunny and so good that you feel like just diving into the plate... or initially just looking at them...

 I made chicken do-pyaza or chicken with lots of onions and gravy which has a little cashew for thickness..
The tandoori chicken that you see in the picture is a restaurant takeaway...

A simple potato bhaji with onions and garlic..and a very very simple dal with the simplest of tempering
Rice(not in the picture ) and chapati...

This is a very quick meal which one can make in half hour .. I had to plan this meal as we had very little time to plan and eat and so I made the simplest things that i could bought something from out and made a yummy full meal in no time ( I love making such meals which combines your effort with a little outside help to create something that is tasty and yummy...}

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