Monday, July 28, 2014


I have been clicking lots of pictures with my mobile and I wish to share them with you .
I do not have a high end mobile so the pictures are not very impressive , but never the less they help me share my daily food , my daily foody activities with you instantly.
I would love it if you comment and tell me what you feel about this and if it helps you with your meal planning  and if you would like to see me post my food thali most of the days of the week.
A feed back is awaited .. I know that there are many out their who read my blog but please comment so I know what you feel about the posts that I do 
I have not been doing a lot of post as I do not get the much awaited feed back , each one of my friends who are regular readers of this blog , Please put it a sentence each time you read and tell me your views , let their be a conversation regarding food, health and other menu plannings.
We bloggers love the interaction and like to know what you feel after the efforts that we put in.
Here is my food thali that I clicked a couple of days back.

This picture is taken on my dining table which is not set up for the picture its natural and taken when I served the meal to my husband.
Here in the next picture you see the addition of the drumstick goan dal which I forgot to add and so had to run in before taking the next picture.
Normally dal is not served in a vati in my house . After finishing the roti and vegetable I serve the rice and pour the dal over it.. Here I put it in a bowl for you all to see.


CAULIFLOWER BATATA RASSA BHAJI (cauliflower, potato ,tomato , onion wet vegetable)
KAKADI-TOMATO SALAD(cucumber-tomato salad)
SURMAI FRY (king fish fry--goan style)

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