Wednesday, March 01, 2006

About Me !

I am a cooking enthusiast from the heart of India, MUMBAI !
I thought of creating my own blog just to share my cooking tips and ideas with likeminded people like you.....

I owe the knowledge and interest in this hobby to all those who helped and guided me all these years.

The intention of this blog is purely for interaction with people around the globe and to understand each others food culture and day to day food habits.

Appreciate if we limit the interactions to cooking only.

Happy Cooking and nice knowing you !
- Mahek


spicehut said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love Goa...been there once...long back. Laidback, simple & beautiful place. And great food.

Anonymous said...

Very well written blog. I visit often. You are an inspiration to us Goan women living abroad. You have given authentic Goan recipes we grew up with. I am very happy to see such quality work. My best wishes to you. Your Mom did a great job on you. The family you married into is very fortunate !!!

Mahek said...

feels great to be praised...
it would have been lovely to know your name and to know you better as you are a goan.
pls write to me on my mail

Uj said...


I love Goa..We have our family deity in Goa. the temples that you have posted are the one's we usually visit. Your blog provides nice view of Goa. Lovely blog and good write up. Thanks for sharing