Tuesday, March 07, 2006

goanche for you!!!!!!!

Hi, friends,
This is my first post and it gives me an opportunity to tell you about the name of my blog which is ‘GOANCHE’ which means from goa or about goa.
Goa is a beautiful coastal state of India. Where you will see lush green trees , the beaches and beauty of nature all around you. Goa is my native place although I have been born and bought up in mumbai the busiest metro in India the food culture at home still remains gaon and everyday food is totally goan.
Goa is a place where they say people live to eat . There is a lot of importance attached to food and any good occasion is marked by making of various dishes which everyone looks forward to eat and enjoy. With the advent of tourism goan food has become very popular with people outside goa too. We usually have home cooked food everyday, which has a goan influence in it. But staying in mumbai where you can experience varied food habits and cultures from all over India and the world I have been able to learn many new recipes .
In goa food is prepared with lots of love and patience, which brings out the warmth and hospitality within a family.
In today’s fast and competitive days it’s a luxury to sit back and enjoy a leisurely traditional meal, but goans still do enjoy such meals almost everyday they have learnt to keep a balance and enjoy one of the simplest pleasures that one can have ie “ eating hot home cooked food “ which ends with an afternoon nap before resuming work.
Hence my love for food comes from our Hindu goan traditions where each item is made with love (food preparations are quite elaborate) and it is seen that everyone is well fed.