Sunday, July 16, 2006


Goans eat a lot of dry fish too, as I have said earlier goans are very fond of fish and cannot live for more than a couple of days without fish so during rainy season when the fish is not in plenty as on normal days, they switch to dry fish which also is a delicacy
However, the type of dry fish that our family eats is limited, they eat dry prawns and mackerel although you can find many varieties of dry fish in a goan market.
I had visited such a market, which sells the best quality dry fish in Goa; it is at madgaon, a city in Goa.
It is a site at such markets, you see heaps of fish sold, sealed in plastic bags and in very hygienic condition.
I enjoy going to such markets and going through the things that they displayed at the counters. I carry a lot of fish to mumbai; I have to have dry fish for emergencies in my fridge.
Today was such a day I had to have some non-veg as yesterday we had a pure veg lunch and a Chinese dinner. Therefore, I decided to do a dry prawn (dry dish) recipe to be eaten with chapattis. As I had made bhendi masala-goan style, which is not something, I like.
Let me share my dry prawn recipe with you…...


1 cup cleaned dry prawns
2 Big onions finely chopped
½ cup grated fresh coconut
2-kokum or 1tbsp tamarind pulp
Salt to taste
Chili powder as per taste
½ tsp haldi powder.
½ tsp dhania-jeera powder.


Clean and wash the dry prawns
Take oil in a pan (it tastes better with coconut oil)
Fry finely chopped onions till they turn soft
Add the prawns and fry for sometime and then add water
Let it cook for sometime
Add chili powder, haldi powder and dhania-jeera powder
Add grated coconut and let it all cook for sometime
You can add tamarind pulp now
You can add coriander finely chopped too (this is optional) as goans do not add coriander nor do they add curry leaves which can also be added for a different flavor.


shilpa said...

Mahek, one of my frnd had asked recently to post a dry prawn dish. I have searched all possible shops here, but could not find them :(. your recipe is fabulous. thanks for sharing it,once I get hold of dry prawns here, I want to try this.

SUPRIYA said...

this is KISSMOOR correct? lovely..where did you buy these prawns from?

Puspha said...

WOW!!!! That looks awesome.

shivani said...


lovely blog. we went to goa last month and in the inside market in madgaon while buying cashewnuts we stumbled upon goan sausages. There we were told bout this fish market where one can buy dry fish n off we went (in a bus). Its really a huge market we got bombay duck, modsor fish n prawns. I stumbled upon ur bolg looking fr recipes for dry fish. I did buy some kokum. can u tell me what it is exactly and how much to use in a recipe for 2 people.can i use grated dry coconut in place of fresh coconut. Any recipes for the sausages, bombay duck n prawns with gravy.
I ate a cake(i think its baath cake)that had semolina n coconut -mmm delicious. Can u share the recipe for this cake.

Mahek said...

Hey friends..
Thanks for your lovely comment...
I dont eat sausages so It will be difficult for me to give you a sausage recipe ..
I have not eaten this cake before but I will definitely try to get the recipe for you...
Kokum is a souring agent and can be used for goan preparation to bring the sour taste .It depends on the recipe If its a fish curry with sour and hot taste in it..then you need to balance the taste..but for that you need to have experience in cooking goan curries and then with trial and error you can use it..
SOL-KADI is one more goan preparation which is made ...

Anonymous said...

I tried twice but the bad smell of prawns is not going even after cooking. What is the reason? Pl help.

Mahek said...

It would be great to know your name as Its good to reply to a name...
although dry fish is very yummy to eat.. It does have a little fishy smell , It will never taste like fresh prawns ..
You can just try to get them as fresh as you can.. and try to get your taste buds used to that taste.
try to make it nicely tangy and spicy.