Tuesday, August 22, 2006


PATOLYO is a coconut based sweet prepared in the month of august ,September and especially for ganesh chaturthi.
In Goa in almost all houses, On the first day of ganesh chaturthi you will find ladies of the house sitting together and making piles of patolyo to be relished during meals.
The leaves used for making patolyo are turmeric leaves which are available only during these months .


turmeric leaves (10 leaves)
2 cups grated coconut
1 cup grated jaggery
1 tsp finely ground cardamom powder
1 tbsp ghee
some cashew nut pieces.
1 cup rice flour to make a thick paste.


1.for the coconut jaggery stuffing- take ghee in a pan add the grated coconut,jaggery ,and cardamom powder and stir for sometime till they are evenly mixed.
2. add the cashew nut pieces to it.
3. the stuffing is ready.
4. make a thick paste of rice flour with water and a pinch of salt.
5. apply the above paste to the turmeric leaves till it coats the whole leaf
6. put a spoonful of the coconut – jaggery mixture on the rice flour paste and fold the
7.steam this in a steamer for about 15 mins
remove and peel the leaf off before eating.
you can serve this with a tsp of fresh ghee.


i hope you will try to make the patolyo and let me know , i think you can use a banana leaf instead of a turmeric leaf , but the flavour will differ.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, Mahek.My mom makes Patolya during Ganpati festivals.We don't get haldi leaves here:( I personally feel that the flavor obtained using these leaves cannot be substituted using anything else.But thanks for this wonderful recipe.I like visiting ur blog for authentic konkani recipes.

Mahek said...

are you from goa?
i agree that the flavour of haldi leaves cannot be substituted .it tastes great with tausali too which i will post soon but for those who want to try it anyway banana leaves is the other option.
but for goans haldi leaves and patolyo go well together we cant think of anything else.
i dont have your email or we could have discussed goan food at length and you could have shared your moms recipes too.
keep in touch and read my blog