Monday, September 18, 2006


KHATKHATE is a very special vegetable preparation for goan hindu GSB(gaud saraswat brahmin ) families. This dish is usually prepared for weddings,pujas and during many other festivals . It has lots and lots of vegetables and hence its always made in a large quantity and shared with others .It becomes a one dish meal and can be eaten on its own without any accomplishments.

during earlier times when freezing facilities where not available khatkhate was one way for the lady of the house to finish off her leftover uncooked/raw vegetables and this was prepared atleast once a week.
i think the problem of finishing off the leftovers gave birth to such a wonderful recipe.

This vegetable preparation is extremely filling,nutritious and tasty.

The essential vegetables are RED PUMPKIN AND RADISH

The rest of the vegetables are optional . i will be giving you the list of vegetables that i use .

do not add brinjal and lady finger as these are slimy and will spoil the texture of the vegetable

recipe will follow.

posting the recipe for this dish just got postponed so here i am writing the recipe

Cooking khatkhate is a bit complicated or should I say a many step process so let me give it to you in steps


Chop vegetables like yellow pumpkin, radish, cucumber, carrots, arbi, corn, and every other vegetable you have in your fridge other than karela, bhendi, brinjals or capsicum (this gives a different flavour which does not go well with khatkhate). Chop them into big cubes.
Cook fast cooking vegetables like pumpkin, cabbage, or cauliflower in a big kadai and cook the rest of the vegetables which take a longer time to cook in a cooker. Also cook the below Tovar dal and peanut mixture in the cooker, off course in a separate vessel.


Soak ½ cup Tovar dal and ½ cup peanuts for about 2 hours.


Grind together 1 cup grated coconut
3 red hot chilies (dry)
1 tsp haldi powder
Marble size tamarind
Marble size Jaggery


Mix all the vegetables, peanut and Tovar dal together
Add the ground coconut paste.
Add salt to taste.
You have to take trepala or teephal as we call it in goa; teephal is a small fruit which has a peculiar smell. it has to be added to this at the end to bring out its flavour.

You get this nice saffron colour to the khatkhate; you can also use Kashmiri chili powder to get the desired colour.

Khatkhate is ready to be relished…


Foodie's Hope said...

Khatkhate sounds like Takatak of Pakistan!! Funny names for getting all the leftovers for use!! :)) Good job and thank you for sharing!!

Mimi said...

It all looks so good! And it is so well-presented, Mahek.

We have the same blog template and we both wrote about leftoves this week. The fabric cloths or tea towels in your photographs look a lot like mine, too.

Yet we are on opposite sides of the world.

It just goes to show how food unites people.

Hema said...

This is my first visit to your blog and you have a great one. Nice recipes and photos. I have never tasted goan cuisine. Thanks for all the recipes!

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my blog
which part of india are you from?
pls try the goan food and let me know if you need some help

Foodie's Hope said...

Mahek, Asha here!! I was reading abt TakaTak yesterday & was abt to give you the recipe and surprise !! Somebody has posted a recipe, here it is. check it out! Saved my time and you can make Murgh, dal and Paneer Taka Taks in the same way..I left a comment there too! Happy Taka Tak!!

Anonymous said...

nice pics. i would love to have an exact recipe for khatkhate too

Aparna said...

I stumbled upo your website by chance, when I searched for khatkhate in google. And I am so glad I did... but I do not see the recipe of KhatKhate, please post it soon..
Read all your blogs, specially saansav, tausali and manyoli kelaya halwo, bangdya huuman, teesrya sukhe...
With all this stuff in India makes me wonder what I am doing in Us of A.
Well I am from Goa, Phondayche to be precise...And a pleasant surprise to see a photograph of house from Phonda in you blogs. Shantinagaratlya Usgaonkaranche ghargya kide te??

KhatKhate chhi recipe mat beegin dhad :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahek,
It is nice to see so many nice goan recipe together.
I am also originally from Goa (Marcel) but brought up in Mumbai & now settled in USA.

Tondak udak sutle

Mahek said...

first i have to say sorry to aparna for not posting the khatkhate recipe , which i will do soon . i hope you read it.

Anonymous ,
It would have been lovely to read your name so that i dont have to call you anonymous.
do you know palangs from Marcel?
pls write in with your name next


Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see your blog.It was referred to me by my cousin who at present is in uk due to assignment.I am a goan by birth working in jammu on deputation where you get north indian food.Nice blog reminds me of goa.

Mahek said...

nice to read your comment , I will be happy if my recipes are of some use to you or even if they give you some happy memories of Goa and the time that you spent there.

preethi Baliga said...

hi Mahek,
i am also a GSB and we also make kathkatho ( we call it that way) but with only pumpkin and we add teppal/tripal..actually today i was searching authentic goan dish while searching i got two links one is yours and the other one is and when i checked this link i was shocked to see ur pics on her blog... thank you...