Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ghontam are small sucking ripe mangoes which are very tasty, usually these baby mangoes are eaten by sucking them. ask any elderly goan he will have a pleasant memory of climbing trees with friends and sucking these lovely , luscious mangoes and staining their white banyan with the juice of these mangoes and being spanked by their mothers.
the memory of mangoes overpowers the pain of spanking.some of the mangoes are sweet while some are sour-sweet variety.The latter are used for making the saansav.
This is one dish that has all the flavours sweet, sour and spicy.
this is a favorite recipe of my hubby and my father.hence every mango season it is made atleast twice a week.


6 small sucking mangoes.
3/4 cup grated coconut
tamarind marble size
1/2 cup jaggery
11/2 tsp chilli powder or 2 bedgi red chillies
1 tsp mustard seeds
salt to taste


1.wash and peel the mangoes.

2.squeeze the juice out of the mangoes and make a thick pulp .Dont throw the seeds they should be used for this preparation.

3.grind together coconut,chillies,jaggery and dry roasted mustard seeds which should be added at the end when the grinding of the other ingredients is almost done.

4. The mustard seeds should be just about crushed and not finely powdered or the whole dish will taste bitter.

5. remember the jaggery and the tamarind should balance each other and should be added in proportion with sourness of the mangoes

6 The whole preparation should taste sweet , sour and a little hot.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This sounds like an interesting recipe!

I love mangoes when they are not yet too ripe (slightly crunchy and not too sweet), so I wonder how those baby fruits taste...

Gini said...

Hi I have tagged you for a meme. See if you think it is interesting.

Pooja V said...

absolutely stunning blog from a fellow goan. I am a hard core goan with similar taste in food. U wont blive but today i was thinking on sasav and plan to make it over the weekend. I love goab cuisine. I am sure i will visit this blog for more goanycho recipe since mhaka he sagale khup avadle. Ashoch baryo baryo recipes post karat rav.