Sunday, November 19, 2006


COCONUT is very important in the day to day cooking of goan families.
Goan food is incomplete without coconut which is used in gravies, as a garnish and even for sweets.
Coconut tree is the only tree that has loads of uses , each part of the tree is put to use .I managed to get
This article from google search.

if you see the above picture you will see the rows of coconut trees along the main road which passes thorough a village , there are many villages in goa so such a site is very very common.
here is the article which i managed to get from google.\

The most versatile 'tree' in the world
you can make lumber out of the trunks of old mature trees
the fronds provide thatching materials for roofs and matting for floors or walls and for sunshades
the dried fibers of the nut can be shredded as stuffing for pillows and mattresses
You can weave the fronds to make nice hats to shade the sun from your face
Click here for how to climb coconut palms'.
the 'wrapper' of the palm can be used for toilet paper
The center veins of the frond pinnae can be bunched together to make a very good whisk broom or used individually as a toothpick
the heart of the small coconut palm tastes as good as any heart of palm that you can eat
the dried husk of the coconut makes the best cooking fire for BBQ's or just plain campfire cooking
the dried shell of the coconut can be made into many forms of bowls/cups or storage containers
the water can be drunk/cooked with or mixed with rum for cocktail hour
the meat can be rendered to make a very fine oil that can provide lighting at night or cooking oil or as a skin lotion.
the meat of either the green or ripe or sprouted coconut can be eaten raw as high energy snack food
the smoke of the burning husk is a natural mosquito repellent
So: if you ever get stranded on a deserted island hope that it is one that has lots of coconut trees!


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