Monday, November 06, 2006



For those who know me, must be knowing my love for visiting a market place especially when I am on a vacation
According to me a market is the hub and heart of the food culture of the place. you get to see so many things here, the locals the local fruits ,vegetables, fish everything.

I was in Goa last week and I had this urge to visit MAPUSA which holds its weekly market every Friday. It’s called as the SUNKRARCHO BAZAAR , with Sunkrar being Friday.


I bought my yearly supply of dry mackeral and prawns from the above lady

when i tried to click this lady she was very inhibited in front of the camera , she said that she had never been clicked before and was trying to avert from the camera , but i finally managed to get a good snap ... and also took the dried prawns from her (you can see it at the right hand corner.The wooden thing that is used is called a 'map' or a measure by which the dried prawns are sold).

These are the common spices used in goan cooking and were very fresh here.


MAPUSA market is known for its fresh farm products which the farmers and traders from all parts of Goa and beyond ,from kudal,sawantwadi,banda Come here to sell their goods and buy some for their personal use.
I went there a day before diwali, which is the “festival of lights” in India.
It’s a very important festival of the year and hence it was all the more crowded and people were all the more enthusiastic about the purchases of the day.
You name it and you get it at the MAPUSA weekly market fresh fish, dry fish, fruits , vegetable , spices , kitchen tools everything .There are no stylish stall , no fancy lighting , no glamour it’s a simple village market place , but the produce are fresh and tempting.
What attracts me about these markets is the burst of colors that you see, the liveliness of the people, the pleasant smiles with which they address you and the genuineness of the whole thing .

village people are very simple and very different from the city bred .


Ashwini said...

So not fair Mahek!!!
Everytime I go to Goa I manage at least one visit to Mapusa. Last year we made one shopkeeper so happy because my mother, my sister in law and I ..all bought our yearly supplies from him :-)

Anonymous said...

Mahek, amazing, the pictures look beautiful. The Veggies look so fresh and inviting.

Mantu said...

Its so nice to see this real fresh farm vege and spices ,nice job done here Mahek ,I miss my local shoping Haat in Calcutta where we used to get fresh vegetables and fish on daily basis..

Foodie's Hope said...

Amazing pics, I love them all!

Indira said...

What a delight!
Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing with us!
Yes, I agree that the farmers and people who sell produce in these ritu bazaars have their own unique charm and innocence about them.

Mahek said...

foodiehope and indira
for appreciating my efforts.
i clicked photos with my blogger friends in mind and when you are appreciated it feels great
its difficult to take photos in a extremely crowded market but i had to jostle and push and get some good snaps

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice looking market... Interesting pictures!

shilpa said...

I love these pictures Mahek. I loved the vegetable markets of Bangalore. Here everything is missing :(.

Pooja V said...

Hey mahek,
This market is something i really miss since i shifted frm Mapusa. I was born n brought up there. I got this nostalgic feeling after i saw the pictures.
Man this is one place of earth i will always love. Have you been to this market just before some fetival, its crazy that time with no place to set your foot.


Dips said...

Wow ....!
Although I am a Daily visitor of Mapusa I never thought the way you do... Really Impressive Article ..Keep it up :-)
Best wishes From me..:-)