Saturday, June 02, 2007


One more week for the A to Z of Indian vegetables…
How fast the week passes and by the time it starts I feel there is a lot of time for me to think up of something for the letter of the week. And by the time I think and cook it and put it on the net it’s almost the weekend and then I have to do a rush rush job.
But whatever, I enjoy this event; it keeps my mind alive with ideas for the week. When the week began I thought of so many items which start with the letter S and which I had not blogged about, but finally I could manage to prepare only two and that too at the very end of the week and that’s today.



½ cup sabudana or sago washed and soaked for 3-4 hours.
3 potatoes boiled and mashed
½ cup peanuts roasted and powdered
Coriander leaves finely chopped
1 tsp cumin powder or whole cumin
1 tbsp rice flour.
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp haldi powder.
Sugar to taste
Lemon juice 1 tsp


Mix all the ingredients and also add a little oil for keeping it together.
This mixture is quite sticky and takes some time to spread on the griddle or tava
Heat your tava till it’s real hot.
Rub oil all over
Take a ball made of the mixture and spread with your fingers, you can dip your fingers in oil or even water. You have to pat it to make it stick to the tava.
Let it turn brown pour a little ghee on the sides and turn.
Let it cook on the other side too.
Serve hot with sauce or green chutney.

You need a lot of patience for making these thalipeth as they stick to your fingers, then tend to stick to the griddle and they will break (if not carefully handled) when you remove them on to a plate.So i suggest slide them on to your plate and do not take them up like a normal thalipeth.


Nupur said...

Oh my! Mahek, those gorgeous golden-brown goodies are making me so hungry! Thanks for sharing a great recipe.

Richa said...

sabudana thalipeeth looks so tempting, love it. last time i got upvas bhajani & then added sabudana, peanut pwd etc to make it, that way it was not sticky at all, you may try it if you like!
thanks for ur recipe

Vcuisine said...

Very nice dish. Such a quick snack too. Viji

bee said...

it has the crunch of sabudana vada without the grease. perfect.

Suganya said...

Beautiful entry... But I wud make bonda instead of labor-intensive thalippeth ;)

Anrosh said...

Interesting food


Have you visited BreadTalk at Inorbit Mall, Malad ?

You must


This one is one of the best blogs devoted to food

Sharmi said...

hey lovely recipe. looks so scrumptious. will try out sometime.

Jeena said...

Hi great recipe I am always wondering what to do with tapioca :)

Linda said...

Hi Mahek, I love the color of these! I really should get some sago -- have not cooked with that other than papad. Looks delish :)

zlamushka said...

Hi Mahek,

I am new to your site and I love it :) You pics look so authentic. I have a couple of questions. Very interesting that Sabudana Thalipeth. I ve never knew you could make fritters with sago. Do you not cook them? (you mentioned only washing and soaking).

And also, I am nuts about chili pastes and pickles and curries (as you can see from my blog). I would love to learn more about Aachar. Do u know how to make a real home-made green chili pickle ?


zlamushka said...

Hi Mahek, this is me again. Thanx for visiting my blog, I am very grateful for the comment and recipe. Here is my answer:

I added you to my favorite blogs, because I believe my readers would enjoy your articles.

I cant see my comment here, so was wondering whether you even got it.

I was very surprised to see a recipe using sago. Do you have to boil it or just soak? Will it not remain hard then ?

Thanx :)

crazy cook said...

Hi Mahek, great recipe. This was a great alternative to the more oily sabudana vada I usually make. Just tried your recipe and everyone at home loved it. Ofcourse it was hard to get it off my hand and onto the griddle first, but then I tried a trick that I have always found handy. I placed a ball of this between 2 polythenes and then pressed it thin with my hand. You can spray some oil if it sticks to the polythene. But with this trick, it was easy to make the thalepeth with almost no oil. I used non-stick tava to cook them on.