Monday, June 11, 2007


I love neerphanas or bread fruit as its called in english when it is cooked in the way i have done in this post and it tastes as great as fried fish.

For those who are new to this fruit you can check out here for details.

I Shallow fry the pieces of the bread fruit just like i would do for fish.

apply salt,chilli powder,haldi powder and a little dhania jeera powder to the bread fruit pieces then roll them in coarsely powdered rice flour . remove the excess flour by tapping it on a plate.

Heat a hot skillet or tava and pour a little oil spread the breadfruit pieces around as shown in the picture and fry on both sides till it is cooked and brown. you can check it by piercing a spoon in it to see that it goes through .



Vini K said...

Hi Mahek,that breadfruit phode looks great.I am going to try this soon.

Prachi Junankar-Gokhale said...

Looks so yum! I enjoy your blog so much. Your Rukhwat post is beautiful and brought back memories of my Aji making dainty little lamps from Maida just before Diwali. It was magical. Keep blogging, Mahek!


It's new for me also. never tested. How was your experiance at Breadtalk ? I was expecting blog on it

Jean T said...

Bread fruit is something I have heard about but never seen so this is very interesting for me.
Jean NZ.