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I call this vegetable ULTIMATE VEG because I think that it’s a great vegetable for vegeterians, its such a versatile vegetable that anything that can be stir fried and can be eaten a bit raw, Non-veg items can be added to it {you can add prawns, chicken, which will not allow it to remain ULTIMATE VEG}. The non-veg items added, have to be properly cooked.

This is an extremely simple vegetable which is made by me without asking, or referring to any cookbook. In my quest to feed my hubby broccoli, which is a powerhouse of nutrients, in a way that he won’t falter to eat. My hubby loves half cooked food but not a broccoli enthusiast or I can say is not very comfortable eating food not cooked in a typical Indian way.

This vegetable was a great success with my hubby and has asked me to make it more often as a side dish [did you hear that ...side dish and not the main dish ha-ha….]

So here is the simple recipe.

I am not going to give you the amount, as it will vary according to your requirement.
Here is the recipe with approximate measures


Take a thick bottom pan with oil, heat
Add a tsp of cumin seeds let them splutter then add 1 tsp hing or asafetida.
Add sliced onions stir till they change colour but don’t burn.
Add whichever vegetable you fancy.
I used cauliflower, broccoli, and moong sprouts.
The other vegetables that we could use are carrots, cauliflower, red, green, yellow capsicum etc
Add a little salt, sugar (a pinch), a little dhania jeera powder (1/2 tsp), don’t add haldi if you want it spicy you could add finely chopped green chilies.
Stir, cook for some more time, but be sure that the vegetable is not overcooked.
It should remain a bit crispy for relishing the original flavour of the vegetables used.

This is my entry for this weeks letter , which is 'U' in Nupur's event

"A to Z of indian vegetables "

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Sharmi said...

Dear Mahek, sorry i have not been regular to your blog and missed so many beautiful posts. got real busy.
loved the look of your subzi. have to sit down and go through all the previous posts of yours.