Friday, July 13, 2007


The greatest plus point that cabbage has is that it cooks very fast and if you dont have the time or want to do something quick and fast ' CABBAGE SALAD' is just for you.

I will write about the recipe directly,
roughly chopp 400gms cabbage into big cubes as shown in the picture.
chopp one or two green chillies as per requirement.
keep 1/2 cup grated coconut.
put all the above things in a hot pan
put a spoon full of water along the sides, so that it does not stick to the sides.
let it cook covered ,when it is 3/4 cooked add coconut and 1/2 spoon sugar and salt.
The vegetable should be a bit crunchy .
garnish with lots of coconut.

Thali with sambhar, rice and cabbage salad . great simple meal.

6 comments: said...

I am a big fan of cabbage! Nice one.


Sharmi said...

hey you are back. I wanted to tag you for MEME but then didnt know if you were on a break. so did not want to trouble you.the cabbage salad and the drumstick sambar look so yummy. I feel hungry.

Tee said...

Simple meals are always the best ones :) the cabbage salad recipe looks healthy!

Lata said...

Looks good.

Coffee said...

Cabbage and coconut!!! Very refreshing indeed. :)