Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Dosa is something that one can eat at any meal of the day , It can be done in various ways and they always [almost] come out right.
I love to experiment with Dosas and always on a look out for some good recipe or i make my own recipe which is quite convenient
The above dosa is a mix dal dosa
The recipe will follow.

Thanks for your overwhelming response!!!!!
Yesterday I was writing this post late into the night and was so sleepy that I just could not continue to write the recipe and hence I left it to be completed today.
So all my dear friends here is the recipe for you


2 cups yellow Moong dal
1 cup masoor dal
½ cup chana dal
1 cup sour curd
½ cup Rava /suji or semolina
Green chilies finely chopped
Coriander finely chopped
1 tsp cumin seed powder
Salt to taste
Oil for frying the dosas


Mix all the dals and soak overnight.
Grind them to a fine paste in the morning or after 8 hours of soaking.
Add the remaining ingredients to the dosa mixture.
Let it rest for about 1 hour.
Heat a griddle or Tawa.
When hot, reduce the flame and smear with a little oil.
Pour a ladle full of dosa batter to form a thick pancake like circle.
These dosas are best eaten thick.
When brown on one side, flip
Let it go brown on the other side too. You can smear it with a little home made ghee for extra flavour.
Serve with a hot bowl of sambhar and green coconut chutney.


bee said...

isn't this what we south indians call adai? looks and tastes fabulous, and you can't go wong with this. our americans friends love this too.

Suganya said...

Such silky soft dosas..Wow!

zlamushka said...

Hi Mahek, these look so yummy... cannot wait to try the recipe. How do u get em so round ?

Mahek, I have been trying to send you more info about my blog via e-mail as we talked about it, but I cannot find your address. Could u post it somewhere visible ?


Sharmi said...

looks great!! waiting for the recipe:)

Pooja V said...

hey mahek...i m eagerly waiting for d dosa recipe.

Cinnamon said...

The mix dal dosas look too good to resist. Waiting for the recipe!!

Sia said...

is it same like adai? do post the recipe girl:)

Sawardekar said...

Hi Mahek,
The Dosas sure look good....
U have taken some wonderful snaps on this blog......
Kudos to you !!!!

Mahek said...

Thanks for your quick response friends!!
bee and sia,
I have never cooked an adai but i think its coarsely ground dal mixture while this is finely ground.

Thanks zlamushka,suganya,sharmi,pooja,and cinnamon hope you like the dosas

sawardekar thanks for appreciating the photos too

Manasi said...

Hi Mahek! Sounds like Adai! I love dosa too! ur version looks very tasty!!!!!!!

Anu said...

I will try this out this weekend. Lovely picture!! I love your site.

Sharmi said...

in south it is called Adai. looks so good and healthy.

Varsha said...

No rice?? Can we substitute rava with rice?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Mahek,
Just stumbled into ur blog n luv it already! Whts sour curd - can i substitute with yoghurt or sour cream?

Perth, Australia

Lakshmi said...

Hi Mahek ... just was getting bored at office so while browsing the various site i stopped my search in ur website . All your dishes are so daily meal i was eagerly looking for all this. The daily meal post are awesome it would be great if you can post dry veg recipes as im Tamilian and married to maharashtrian so your recipe will help me to win my family.

With love,