Saturday, July 21, 2007


As mentioned earlier its my husbands birthday today,

I started off the day by making a simple onion upma. i put in some boiled sweet corn as a variation in my hubby's plate and for my son who does not like sweet corn much and loves something 'chatpatta' with his upma i garnished his upma with besan shev and potato wafers.
I will be posting the recipe of the upma a little later.


Sharmi said...

oh that is so sweet. My belated b'day wishes to your Hubby. hope all of you had a great time!!


My belated birtday wishes to your husband

what a nice way to start birth day with upma.

Ashwini said...

Happy bday to the lucky boy!!!!
Mahek I loved seeing your hubby's fave meal - it is so close to what I make as a treat to my husband or even myself. Fried pomfret and prawns; in fact thats what I posted yesterday. I keep seeing your other blog and forgetting this one. Cant you please collate the 2? Its v confusing and I dont want to miss any of your posts ;-)

Mahek said...

The message has been conveyed to my hubby and thanks from him to your all!!!!!