Saturday, July 21, 2007

LUNCH ON 21st JULY....

Today is my husband’s birthday. My husband loves sea food and if a meal has fish cooked in good proportions he is happy.

So my menu revolved around fish that I had purchased from our local market yesterday.
Whenever I cook an elaborate fishy menu, I always go for my fish purchase one day before the actual cooking, so that I can plan the dishes and start early in the morning.
Now being a rainy season, fish is not available as it should be and you find that most of the fish being sold is frozen. I managed to get some fresh promfret, prawns and kingfish or surmai.

The menu was

Masoorche tonak or masala masoor with prawns
Cabbage salad you will find the recipe here
Surmai and promfret fried
And varan or yellow Tovar dal.
And some cool dahi.


Tee said...

Happy B'day to your husband!
Your thali looks very inviting! Ilove fried fish...

Nupur said...

That is very cook the birthday boy's favorite dishes for lunch! Happy birthday to him.
Mahek, have you posted the recipe for masala masoor already? Or are you planning to post it in the future? The reason I am asking: once on a vacation to Goa, we were invited to dinner at the home of some family friends, and I was so little at the time, but I still remember this masala masoor! If I could get the authentic Goan recipe for this, I would be so thrilled! I won't be adding the prawns though.

Supriya said...

hey mahek,that plate looks yummy....but i have never had prawns in masoor tondak....would love to see your recipe post!

Pooja V said...

Wow...the food really looks delicious...after checking ur tonak, i think i will make it today for dinner.

Mahek said...

tee and Nupur
Thanks for your wishes i have conveyed them to my hubby
i will be posting the recipe soon