Saturday, July 21, 2007

LUNCH ON 21st JULY....

Today is my husband’s birthday. My husband loves sea food and if a meal has fish cooked in good proportions he is happy.

So my menu revolved around fish that I had purchased from our local market yesterday.
Whenever I cook an elaborate fishy menu, I always go for my fish purchase one day before the actual cooking, so that I can plan the dishes and start early in the morning.
Now being a rainy season, fish is not available as it should be and you find that most of the fish being sold is frozen. I managed to get some fresh promfret, prawns and kingfish or surmai.

The menu was

Masoorche tonak or masala masoor with prawns
Cabbage salad: The recipe you will find here.
Surmai and promfret fried
And varan or yellow Tovar dal.
And some cool dahi.

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