Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is what i had for lunch today it was a full plate lunch so i thought i would share it with you.
The menu of the day was...
1. Tendli batata bhaji
2. surmai sukhe or dry surmai masala
3.fried fish-promfret
4.promfret fish curry
5.for salad-boiled beet and cucumber
6. rice, chapati
7. buttermilk (not in the picture)

The yummy promfret fish curry (my husbands favorite)

SURMAI SUKHE(sorry the picture is not very clear)



Suganya said...

Is lunch such an elaborate thingy in yr household? Wow!

Tee said...

ooh, I love your full thali...its making me hungry :)

Anonymous said...

lovely thali.
Can you please share the recipe for surmai sukhe or dry surmai mouth is watering

Priya raghu

Mahek said...

friends suganya,tee and priya
thanks for visiting my blog....

Priya i will definetly try to post this recipe , i do not have a good photograph for it so as soon as i make it next time and get a good photograph i will post the recipe and if you do want it urgently i can mail it to you too

Saju said...

Scrumtious looking thali, I can't wait for you to post the recipe of surmai sukhe

Happy cook said...

Wow that is not a normal luch. I will call it a feast. Delicious

priyadarshan said...

Have you tried Dattrataya Boarding House at Lalbaug ? I believe it's godd for fish preparations..

Anonymous said...

send me recipe for surmai masla


What was so special on 11/10 ?

Cynthia said...

So did you get any work done after lunch? :)

Mahek said...

no , there was nothing special but when i have some one over(my mother in law is here for a few days) i usually make many dishes.

you know , i love to cook variety of dishes and feel good when the plate is full , with well planned meal which combines well with each other,but i hate the aftermath i.e the cleaning and clearing but there is no option so have to do it.

Prachi Junankar-Gokhale said...

Hi Mahek,

Kai chaan jevan kelaya! Your blog is such a treat. Please post the recipe for the fish curry. I can smell the wonderful aroma already!

Mona said...

Hi Mahek ! The platter looks lovely :-) And mouth watering, am now feeling hungry, tat was a filling meal..
Well, I was searching for your mail address here,. but am not able to find it.. do write to me at my mail address so that i can help you with the signature thing you were asking me about..
See ya gal, Takecare

Mahek said...

thanks for your comments this is making me want to put more of my everyday thalis for your perusal.
as replied to the earlier comment by priya i will be posting the recipe soon
no i havent been to lalbag
prachi i will sometime post this recipe so keep checking out the blog and giving your sincere comments
mona, i will mail you soon so that you get my email id.
bye and thanks

Shirley Khor said...

I LOVE my chapati to go with dhal curry...Oh my! Im craving for Indian food now.

That's 1 wholesome and satisfying meal u had there :> Ship some over next time u have Indian food. I don't mind paying u the shipping costs XD

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my site
i would so love to have you at my place for lunch and so would i come to yours, your spring rolls where so yummy...

Meera said...

I wish I could come over and eat that food, right now!....:-) YUM!!