Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I love to share what I cook for lunch most of the days at home..
Although its not possible to post one everyday, I do click pictures of the daily meal quite often.
I will share with you a meal which has lots of fish and hence fishy..

Here above is one of my favorite non-veg but thali exclusively made of fish.. There are many homes that I know of do not need anything extra other than fish fry or fish curry when they plan their menu..but in our home we need one vegetable to go along with the fried fish or fish curry ..
I normally don't do both on the same day.. i.e when I fry fish I do not make a curry and vice versa ..
But it sometimes happens that I get into a mood of cooking both..
This is what you see on the thali or plate and also some things that you do not see.
1.kalva* and potato tonak
2.radish or mooli leaves vegetable
3.fried king fish and mackeral 
4. chapati or roti
what you do not see or which I haven't taken a picture of is ,what is served once you finish eating the roti.
 Dal and rice or fish curry and rice are served .. sometimes I make to two dishes to go with the rice and the second being coconut milk kadi or sol kadi or curds

* kalva are like small oysters which you get cleaned in water, you have to only removed a rocky hard portion at the tip of the oyster..
will write the recipe in a separate post.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have been waiting eagerly for your reply on my previous comment. Btw, loved this post. I must say you are very lucky as you get kalwa and tisreo in B'bay. Here in chennai we get only selected fishes such as prawns, crabs, seer fish, pomfret & vellyo. There are other fishes too but since we have never had them in Goa, so we are quite skeptical in buying them over here. Also the vellyo that we get here are different than the ones we get in Goa. Here they are bigger in size and slightly reddish in colour.

Mahek said...

I so love it that you are commenting on my blog ..
I have not yet made my email id public .. But you haven't mentioned your name in the comments..
I too would love to connect with you.
Next time put in your name with the comment and I will give you my id ..

Anonymous said...

Hi i love the thalis u cook, i am a goan residing in goa the food u cook is similar to what i do at home it looks more nice in photos thanks for sharing