Friday, July 26, 2013


Yesterday my brother and son went to a cafe for lunch.. both of them love the same type of food and so the natural choice were sandwiches and coffee and so naturally these things are best eaten at a cafe.
If it was my husband who had accompanied them than they would have to go to a proper restaurant to eat a proper meal which would be roti, vege , rice and dal i.e a complete Indian meal ..
My husband would never have a sandwich for lunch For his a sandwich is something that is to be had  either as a breakfast or dinner dish.

My brother clicked this lovely pic of the chicken sandwich that he had , I love the green checkered table cloth that is used it gives a traditional feel to the whole plate. so I decided that I had to share it with you..
do you make a chicken roll .. If you do pls give me the recipe.
I will give you my version too.

CHICKEN ROLL (home-made)
cook chicken breast pieces with a little salt and pepper till tender.. dont over cook as they tend to get chewy.
Shred the chicken to fine pieces.
Mix in a little mayonnaise,pepper powder, garlic powder, a little curd and finely chopped green chillies.
spread it inside a buttered roll of bread..
You can even add finely chopped onions to this.. but thats optional .. some dont appreciate the smell of raw onions.
and thats it eat it plain or with a leaf of lettuce added to the sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mahek, I would like to connect with you. I have read all the posts on your three blogs & thoroughly enjoyed reading each & every post. Is there an email address I can reach you at? I am also from Goa, a GSB too and now living in Chennai for the last 4 years. Waiting for your reply.:-)

Mahek said...

You know its a coincidence that I love Chennai too, by brother used to stay there for 2 years and I visited him once but, I loved the place.
I love the markets and the cozy feel just like Goa..
thanks for your comments...