Monday, January 20, 2014


I am a collector of books especially cook books and Interior books.. I have been buying books since the last 15 yrs and have a huge collection of them.. In India as space is always not enough .It becomes a big problem storing these books and it takes me a lot of time and effort to arrange and keep all the books in place.
Its my project this year , to go through all my loose recipes i.e recipes which I have taken copies from old cookbooks and filed . 
I am planning to discard a few of them as I have cooked them before ( I have never ever followed a single recipe from a book as it is , I always make changes , to make it my own and hence I do not need the exact recipe for making a dish ). Its my hobby to collect cookbooks read them and also as they grow older my fondness for them increases which makes it impossible for me to discard them.
But the loose pages which I have either torn from old books or magazines or had taken copies from friends who owned those books these pages are giving away as they are old. The copies have been  taken over a long period of time hence I do not know which books they come from or the source..
So It just passed my mind that I should not let a old recipe go to waste why not share  with like minded friends and then discard it.. Will my friends and  all my readers like it if I do so more often because I have a lot to share.. It would be great if you tell me what you feel .


This is a simple curry made with chickpeas and mushrooms 


Each of my recipes are tried and tested unless mentioned but I change them to suit my taste you can do so too ,and if I feel that there are some tips to be given I will share them here at the end of the recipe.

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