Monday, January 20, 2014

VINTAGE-Dahi Karela ...

As mentioned in my earlier post I will be posting some vintage recipes which I have collected over a long period of time..They are from friends and some are from very old books which are owned by me.
I will be putting in the recipes which are tried and tested by me and which I am sure have been very tasty. 
If I have made any changes in the recipe I will mention it in my post as I never ever follow a recipe exactly as it comes , I change it to suit my taste and make it my own that’s what is very important for me.
I will be mentioning the sources if I do have one, as most of the old recipes, which I have are on a piece of paper where the source of the book that they come from is not mentioned.
Please look out for tips on the recipes at the end of the post **
Today's second recipe is 

     DAHI-KARELA (Bitter gourd in curd sauce)

1.Do not add the tomatoes
2.slice Karela or bitter gourd into thin slices . not soak in the curds,squeeze out salt and fry
4.add fried onion, garlic salt , chillies and fresh        coriander to the curd mix
5. add 1 tsp of sugar to 1 cup of curds with a little salt
6 add fried karela just before serving. 

I have posted this recipe in my Goan food blog because this recipe is made in Goa and loved by all goans. it is a side dish very much like a raita or salad.
I will be posting Non goan vintage recipes on my other food blog so those interested please check those out too.. at




Rekha Hegde said...

Hi, Mahek this is a great way to share the recipes and also organize your recipes.I have tried out some of your recipes.Love the photos of Goa and your interesting thalis too.

Mahek said...

Thanks for your comments and going through my blog
Love it when someone takes the time to comment ..
Pls tell me which ones you liked ..

kitchen chimney India said...

I have been waiting eagerly for this kind of recipe

kitchen chimney India said...

Very nice recipe that i have been long waiting for.

Anisha Saigal said...

Hi there!

You've got a very helpful blog for cooking enthusiasts. I was wondering if you'd like to come on-board for a writing based project (related to Goa).
Please revert back with your contact details on saigalDOTanishaATgmailDOTcom if you're up for it.