Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I always wanted to know  more about food combinations that work universally in India or in our homes.

We follow many religious festivals, some just festivals and sometimes our own family celebrations, but each one of us have certain food combinations which work well with each other and have been going on in the family for years..

Lets share with each other what are those combination which are awesome together and which we enjoy in our family.. 

In earlier days there were lots of fasting or traditional days that ladies followed and which comes with a set menu, which was relentlessly followed and continued through generations.

These traditional menus are fast dwindling and fading to keep these alive lets discuss what each one follows and if not traditional do you have some food combinations that work in your home which you will like to share.

Here are a few which I follow.. This will hopefully increase once I read your comments.

1. VARAN-BHAT ,SHRIKHAND AND PHODI (potato fritters)


3. SABUDANA KHICHDI IS ALWAYS MADE ON GOOD DAYS FOR          BREAKFAST (not necessarily for a fasting day) WITH TEA.

4. SABUDANA WADA and GULAB JAMUN - special days (for my son) .


I was at our cousins place where I loved the combination of sabudana khichdi with ukadeche modak  going to have that once.

My sister in laws mom always has pulao with Puran poli for dinner (i.e Puran poli is always combined with pulao for a meal)

Some people enjoy Puran poli with katachi amti i.e dal made with the water leftover after cooking channa dal for the Puran poli.

Share your ideas with me and we can all follow a new tradition.


Sujata said...

Nice r few of my favorites.....on fasting day, at my parents place we used to have vari tandul, danyachi amti snd kakdi koshimbir.
Another festival special is batata bhaji, puri, shrikhand snd tak.
pavbhaji followed by curd rice.After a hot spucy pavbhaji, curd rice is cooling on tastebuds and tummy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing combos. Loved it. Even I cook more of such combos or mostly one-pot meals as I hardly have any time for cooking elaborate meals!

Some of my fav combos are:

1)Veg pulav + onion pakoras + curd.
2)Veg pulav + papad + pickle + raita.
3)chicken + pav + salad + rice + sol kadi.
4)Chappati + tonak + salad.
5)Soup + sandwich + fruit salad.
6)Dosa + batat bhaaji + chutney.
7)Masale bhaat + suki bhaaji + pickle.
8)Veg Noodles + Sweet & sour vegetables.
9)Veg friedrice + gobi manchurian.
10)Puri + batat bhaaji or puri + payas