Sunday, September 19, 2010


As I had mentioned I was in Pune for Ganesh Chaturti last week end...

Let me take you through a visual tour of the pictures I took at my cousins home where I celebrated Ganeshchaturti with their family...

 I love the decoration that is done around the Ganapati Murti or Idol.

you can find lots of modak normally a sweet made with milk which is supposed to be a favorite food of Ganapati Bappa but you will see in the pictures that there are many silver modaks on the side which are normally presented by someone in the family for the Lord.

The food served is so yummy that I just love eating a lot on that day , followed by a long nap in the afternoon its so satisfying to feel full and have a nap that day (for no reason at all......)

food served was
varan bhat (dal rice)
chapati or roti
apple and pomegranate salad in yogurt
boiled potato vegetable
whole moong curry (goan style) not seen (its in the katori on the right)
Most important Ukadiche modak..
cucumber , black vatana bhaji

GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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