Monday, November 23, 2015


It’s been a very long time since we have communicated with each other. I used to take a lot of pictures and make lots of dishes to share with you and it so happened that my regular camera with which I was comfortable with ,would not work as expected and that put me a little back my regular posting of recipes.
But it’s been a long time and I really miss blogging a lot and so I have decided that I will be sharing my daily meals which I click with my mobile.
I can also share recipes with you if request them in the comments section.
 I try my best to click pictures of my day to day meals regularly so that it’s of help to those who are confused as to what to cook for the day. I make a complete whole meal for lunch which includes vegetables and fish too.Off course you won’t find fish or chicken very often but I try to make something non-veg at least twice a week.
 My menu is always made taking into consideration the type of food I make i.e. I make a light vegetable if I make a spicy fish curry, or if I make plain non- spicy dal I will always make a nice spicy vegetable and fry something to go with it. So I hope that those of you who are looking out for combinations while cooking their meals will be benefited.
Off course I will be also adding some new recipes as and when I can , But I do not know how good the pictures will be , I will wait for all my friends to comment and let me know if you would like me to continue as I have planned.
Here is the Thali I would like to share with you…
This is a Thali which can be commonly seen in a Goan home. Probably only one veg and fish curry is done but I love my salads and so try to incorporate salads whenever possible.

The menu is
Mackerel fish curry with ginger
Bhendi or okra in coconut gravy..This is a very light and non-spicy curry with goes very well with this hot and sour fish curry
Carrot koshambir or salad.. Here I have finely chopped carrots and tempered it like a simple vegetable. My favorite I love its sweet and tangy taste
Roti or chapatti
Rice which is never in my picture as I serve it after the chapatti is eaten , But rice is always eaten for lunch with the fish curry or dal or curd .
Try this combination its really yum...

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